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Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for March 2019 – North America

We know you’re hard at work handcrafting your March 2019 email campaigns and we thought it might be good to have some inspiration! So, in the spirit of helping your subject lines sizzle a little bit more, we’ve collected the top performing subject lines from our North America customers from March of last year. Hopefully, these will lead you to success next month.


Check out last March’s top subject lines below:


1. Subject line: [GUEST FIRST NAME], You Deserve a Staycation!

Why we love it: Who doesn’t deserve a staycation? This subject line is personal, to the point and focused on the guest.


2. Subject line: St. Patrick’s Day Starts This Weekend!

Why we love it: Planning your campaigns around holidays is always a winning strategy.


3. Subject line: Save 30%, Book Next Winter Now

Why we love it: The 30% discount really jumps out at you. Even though we know that many guests book hotels at the last minute, it’s always a good idea to entice them to plan a little further ahead than they normally would.


4. Subject line: Easter Weekend in Sonoma

Why we love it: This subject line combines two powerful draws: holidays and local flavor. In wine country, that can be a winning combination.


5. Subject line: Save 20% On Your Spring Getaway!

Why we love it: Here’s a subject line that gets right to the point. It balances great savings for the potential guest with a call to get out and enjoy yourself. Who could resist?


There you have it, the top hotel marketing subject lines for March, based on Revinate’s North American customer data. The key takeaway is to plan around holidays when you know folks will be in the market for rooms. It’s always a good idea to plan this outreach ahead of time. You can use our 2019 email marketing planner to do just that.