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Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines of October 2018 – North America

We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We, the “professors” at Revinate University have been hard at work uncovering subject line insights to help inspire your future campaigns.

Each month, we’ll look back 12 months and share the best-performing subject lines from our North American hotel customers. Check out the top 5 from last October:


October North America top subject lines


1. Subject line: Win a 2-Night Getaway + Tower Sok Experience

Open rate: 36%

Why we love it: How do you win the 2-night stay? This also presents great value, especially if a cool, new experience is involved.


2. Subject line: Something Really Big is Coming Nov. 1… Save the Date!

Open rate: 26%

Why we love it: It builds curiosity and excitement, making the recipient eager to learn more.


3. Subject line: YOU Voted, the results are IN!

Open rate: 26%

Why we love it: It makes the recipient feel part of the voting processing, and it builds curiosity to learn the results.


4. Subject line: You’re Invited: Wine-O-Ween Costume Party October 27

Open rate: 25%

Why we love it: “You’re Invited” creates exclusivity and makes the recipient feel like they belong to something special.


5. Subject line: Fall in Love with [Hotel]

Open rate: 22%

Why we love it: This is a great play on words for the season.


That’s a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for October, based on Revinate’s North American customer data. We’ll be back soon with the top subject lines for November to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!