Top Hotel Email Subject Lines In EMEA - June 2018 | Revinate

Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines of June 2018 – EMEA

We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We “professors” at Revinate University have been hard at work to uncover subject line insights to help inspire your next campaigns.

Each month, we’re bringing you the best-performing subject lines achieved by our EMEA hotel customers from the same time last year. Check out last June’s top five below:


1. Subject line: Discover your suite side

Open rate: 32%

Why we love it: A fun play on words to generate interest in suites.


2. Subject line: Beat the Bank Holidays

Open rate: 23%

Why we love it: Leverages the upcoming holiday, and we always love a good alliteration.


3. Subject line: Let your fingers do the talking!

Open rate: 23%

Why we love it: A creative way of asking past guests to leave a complimentary review.


4. Subject line: Everyone loves summer in Copenhagen

Open rate: 18%

Why we love it: Builds enthusiasm for the upcoming season in a destination city.


5. Subject line: Book Through Our Website & Get a 20% Discount

Open rate: 15%

Why we love it: Encourages recipients to book direct and save. A go-to best practice for any hotel looking to increase direct bookings.


That’s a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for June, based on Revinate’s EMEA customer data. We’ll be back next month with the top subject lines for July to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!