Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines of September 2018 – APAC

We know how tricky writing subject lines can be. We “professors” at Revinate University have been hard at work uncovering subject line insights to help inspire your next campaigns.

Each month, we’re bringing you the best-performing subject lines achieved by our APAC hotel customers from the same time last year. Check out last September’s top five below:


Top-performing subject lines in September 2018 from APAC


1. Subject line: The Perfect Mid-Autumn Gift

Open rate: 28%

Why we love it: What’s the gift? Why is it so perfect for the upcoming season? Only one way to find out….


2. Subject line: Hi [GUEST FIRST NAME], Get your FREE night @ [Hotel]!

Open rate: 20%

Why we love it: In a crowded inbox, this personalized, FREE offer is sure to catch one’s eye.


3. Subject line: 60% OFF SUITES THIS MALAYSIA DAY!

Open rate: 20%

Why we love it: This is one “suite” deal, especially over the holiday weekend.


4. Subject line: Ignite your taste buds this October!

Open rate: 16%

Why we love it: This attention-grabbing headline just begs the reader to open the email to see just what’s so tasty.


5. Subject line: ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta Gives Special Price for BESTIVAL BALI!

Open rate: 16%

Why we love it: We always appreciate a good event offer. And your recipients do, too!


That’s a wrap on the top hotel marketing subject lines for September, based on Revinate’s APAC customer data. We’ll be back soon with the top subject lines for October to inspire your next batch of campaigns. Now go on and get writing!

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