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TripAdvisor Introduces New Property Dashboard

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This week, TripAdvisor announced new property dashboard features, which are available to all business-listing subscribers. According to TripAdvisor, the property dashboard, accessible via TripAdvisor’s Management Center, “highlights the key metrics you need to measure your property’s day-to-day performance,” including competitor metrics, local market trends, cumulative page views and more. The review site published an extensive guide on this new functionality, which is worth a read.

What we find most valuable about the new property dashboard is the additional insight into your page visitors that it provides. This
information should not only inform your special offer strategies for the site, but it provides hard data when evaluating your online reputation management and distribution efforts. As social marketing and revenue management converge, review site data will mutually benefit everyone’s revenue optimization efforts.

Here are some property dashboard highlights:

Visits to Page: This report allows you to analyze traffic to your page over time. With the influence of TripAdvisor in the booking process, this data will allow you to see which periods of the year see higher bookings driven by TripAdvisor, compare performance
from one period to the next, and benchmark traffic changes after a listing change has been made. It’s important to note that if your property doesn’t meet the requisite review threshold, the report won’t be available.

Your Visitors: This data offers demographic information about visitors to your listing. This intelligence can help you better identify your target market, create a special offer that is more relevant to your audience, and determine the average length of stay of your guests.

Your Competitors: This overview provides a comparison look of your business listing versus your competitors. This perspective allows you to see how your special offers and photos compare to other properties in your competitive set. TripAdvisor defines
your comp set as the two properties above you on the Popularity Index and the one below you.

Your City: This report shows you the number of TripAdvisor visitors researching your location each week. This information is useful because, by comparing your ‘visits to page’ data with ‘your city’ statistics, you can determine your property’s virtual market share of search.

Snapshot: This final report provides you with very basic, high-level information about your hotel’s business listing – total number of reviews and management responses as well as overall ranking and rating. For a more granular look at review volume, ranking and sentiment, Revinate customers should rely on Revinate’s online reputation dashboard.

As a proud TripAdvisor partner, we applaud TripAdvisor’s release and know that it will provide a lot of value to business-listing customers. While TripAdvisor is the largest review site, hotels must pay attention to all reviews submitted by travelers. Accordingly, Revinate allows hoteliers to access and analyze comprehensive review data across dozens of review sites and OTAs. Clients have access to in-depth analytics about their properties and self-defined competitive sets. Revinate customers also benefit from accessing sentiment analysis reports, which segment and score specific review topics (e.g. housekeeping) and benchmark those scores against each competitor. Nevertheless, TripAdvisor’s new dashboard is a useful tool in the hotelier’s toolbox and, when used in conjunction with Revinate, can make online reputation management even easier.


Learn about what’s trending, review response metrics, and a look forward at hospitality reputation in our 2018 Reputation Benchmark Report. Available free for download.

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