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Whether you love it or hate it, TripAdvisor is taking the hotel industry by storm. According to a survey conducted by Market Metrix and TripAdvisor, “Among all review sites, hotel managers believe that TripAdvisor has the biggest influence on their guests.”

I recently spent some time poking around in the TripAdvisor Owners’ Center and I read through hundreds of posts in the owner’s forum. I want to share five things that I learned that all hoteliers should know.

1) TripAdvisor Comment Cards Are Free

One easy way to encourage reviews is to order and distribute TripAdvisor Comment Cards. These business cards are personalized for your property and are great reminders for guests to review your property when they get home. The first 250 cards are free. You just pay for shipping. To order, click on ‘Get More Reviews’ when you are logged into the owners’ center.

2) TripAdvisor Provides Resources to Promote Your Status

TripAdvisor awards hotels with honors such as “Travelers’ Choice’ and ‘Excellent Hotel’. Display these badges on your Web site to let others know that you are highly rated in TripAdvisor. To access your badges, click on ‘Promote your business’ within the owners’ center.

3) Be Careful Where Your Reviews are Written

TripAdvisor does not want hotels encouraging guests to write reviews in the hotel. Many hotels are considering ordering iPads for the lobby. Having a guest write a review while waiting to check out would be ideal…. except that TripAdvisor will likely think it’s a fraudulent review and ding you. They say, “We recommend that guests submit a review when they return home from their trip. A review submitted from a hotel lobby computer may appear to be written by staff.”

4) Understand The Factors that go into the Popularity Index

90% of hotel managers believe that the TripAdvisor Popularity Index is important to their hotel and follow their ranking regularly. The Popularity Index is determined “through a sophisticated algorithm based on the quality, quantity, and age of submitted reviews. The more recent and positive reviews a property receives, the better its overall rating. This algorithm was created to ensure that properties with many positive reviews receive a higher score than a property with just one positive review.”

5) You Can Add Links to Your Listing

If your hotel is reviewed in Travel & Leisure, New York Times or other magazines or guide books, you can now add the article to your TripAdvisor listing. To see if the article meets the linking qualifications, read this TripAdvisor help topic.

If you have any other tips or tricks, please comment and share.


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3 responses to “TripAdvisor Tips & Tricks”

  1. Thanks for this, some useful points here. I would like to add the following:
    Management replies to TripAdvisor reviews seems to influence popularity index, too, particularly if they are done consistently and timely. As an additional bonus, long(ish) management replies on good reviews help to push any past negative reviews off the first page of a hotel’s TA listing.
    Also, many hotels only have their hotel listed on TA, but not their restaurants or bars. Ideally, you should have all your outlets listed separately and encourage your guests to leave TA reviews for these, too. What you want to happen is that your restaurants or bars attract enough positive reviews to feature in the “Top-Rated Nearby Restaurants” sidebar next to your hotel’s TA listing, so that everybody who looks at your hotel listing on TA automatically sees your restaurants or bars listed, too.

  2. Great post. I would suggest that many of these best practices can and should be applied to all of the major review and OTA sites (like Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, etc).
    From 2008 to 2009, the quantity of actual reviews written increased by nearly 100%, but TripAdvisor’s share of total reviews dropped from appx 50% to 25%. TripAdvisor has shown great innovation in 2010 (especially with Facebook), but I believe that these trends will continue.
    While TripAdvisor is remains the king of review sites today, hoteliers who focus on it exclusively do so at their own peril…

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