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Twitter Places – Great for Hotels

On Monday Twitter announced Twitter Places, which allows you to tag your tweets with a specific location. What this means for hotels is that people tweeting out during events and visits will also be tagging your hotel. Where this gets exciting is that users can click the location within a tweet to see all the tweets, and check-ins, (thanks to integration with Gowalla and Foursquare) from that place. It’s essentially a new way to sort tweets using location.

What a great way to measure real-time sentiment in your hotel. If you’re not monitoring Twitter on a regular basis, now is the time. If you’re a Revinate user, make sure TweetConcierge is set up to search your full hotel name (as it appears in your location on Twitter) as well as your user name to capture all tweets from your hotel.

Then get crafty. Surprise and delight your guests who tweet or check-in from your hotel. Have then stop by the bar for a free drink or to say hello. Simple gestures and acknowledgment go a long way as I found the other night. I checked-in to a local wine bar and thirty minutes later the manager came by to say hello and introduce himself to me. He thanked me for checking in and said he was just starting to use social media more actively but loves the idea of people sharing where they’re going, especially because he is trying to attract more locals. I left that night as a loyal customer.

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