UGC – The Great Equalizer in Hotel Marketing ran an article I wrote this week about how hotels are using user-generated content to their advantage to drive sales and loyalty.

The rise of user-generated content is one of the most disruptive forces in hospitality since hotels moved their marketing materials and booking engines to the Web. Why? User-generated content is the great equalizer of marketing.  It allows consumers, not brands or properties, to own the reputation of a hotel. It allows boutique hotels with small marketing budgets to compete against large chain hotels. It allows great service and quality to drive marketing through consumer reviews.

To find out how hotels are ‘winning’ on OTAs and review sites, I interviewed multiple hoteliers who stood out in one way or another on review sites to find actionable tips that any hotel can use.

Read my findings and tips here.

4 responses to “UGC – The Great Equalizer in Hotel Marketing”

  1. Hi Michelle,
    Great article. I could not agree more. I run a resort review site. From my experience, I can say that the trends speak loudly. Resorts that get good reiews will have 80% good reviews. Conversely, hotels that get bad reviews generally get 80% bad reviews. Hotels should really look to UGC review sites as an opportunity to understand areas that need attention to improve the customer eperience.
    George Oberle

  2. Thanks for the comment, George. It’s great to see hotels starting to use the data in reviews to improve operations. We’re calling it next generation guest satisfaction. Have a great weekend!

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