Updates to Foursquare – Even More Social

I was just starting to work on a new post about how I think reviews will be getting shorter in 2011 as people take to status updates, tweets and check-in tips to share their thoughts about a hotel when I saw the news that Foursquare has added photos and comments to its feature list.

As an avid Foursquare user, I am thrilled about this update because it adds more social goodness to the service. Now I can see friends’ photos of dishes at restaurants that I should order and photos of rooms in hotels that I should stay in.  And with ‘comments’, I can comment on my friends’ check-ins if I can add value. For example, if a friend checks in to Ottimista, my favorite wine bar, I might tell her to order the fried green olives as they’re a must-have. Or, if i’m supposed to meet her there I can comment that I will be a few minutes late.

Hoteliers, these updates should make this service much more popular as a mini-review and venue sharing site. Make sure to monitor your venue on Foursquare to see the activity throughout the day. You can also see people who have checked-in to your property and tweeted by monitoring your Social Media Searches in Revinate. Tweet them back with a warm welcome.

Read more about the new features at the Foursquare blog.

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