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  1. As your web site has shown, the answer to your question is YES. But success depends on whether there is a genuine culture of support and interest in guests as people and not “share of wallets”. The Elysian management clearly trust their employees to “show they care”. The technology can then be used appropriately.

  2. Twitter yes. Facebook no. This is why:
    Facebook isn’t irrelevant, but it’s certainly nothing more than a voluntary desire to sport a brand that increases users’ social equity, without ever wanting anything to do with a proper dialogue or two way communication between guest and brand. But I am cynical – some people tell me that the day will come that Facebook is useful and solid. I am left doubting that.
    Twitter, for sure, for all the obvious reasons people chat about. Conversion, brand management, problem resolution, lead generation, etc.
    But as for hotels… no hotel is identical to another, be it market placement, etc. Service is *NOT* defined by the hotel, and the guest will define you based on their needs. Some markets (roadside Topeka hotel? a business traveler hotel?) do not need luxury and service and define hospitality as efficiency and low barrier to getting into a room.
    It will be defined by the market, not the hotel. If a guest wants a kiosk and quick check in… then that’s what they will get.
    I think you simply tell the manager to be a hotelier, control your brand, and only enter markets that will understand or grow to appreciate the level of luxury and service you wish to provide.
    Whether or not you choose to listen to your guests, no matter what market, is really the only thing that is NOT an option… which is why I am using you guys. In fact, you saved me enough time today I can prattle on blogs. =)
    THANKS (and pardon that first comment – I messed it up!)

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