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Have it Your Way (Part 2) – Custom KPI Widgets

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.9 min read|

Personalizing your reporting dashboards has been a big theme for us this year. We’re continuing along this path with the launch of our latest feature for Revinate Reputation™: Custom KPI Widgets.

Earlier this year, we introduced custom dashboards, which allowed Revinate users to modify their reporting dashboards using a series of drag-and-drop tools to feature only the reports they wish to see, in the position in which they wish to see them. Now, we’re taking personalization to a whole new level with fully customizable widgets, so you can create your own dashboard based on the online reputation metrics and filters that make the most sense for you.

The flexibility of views will help hoteliers create their own unique reports, accessible at a glance, that will surely save busy hoteliers precious time. All you need to do to create a new widget is use Revinate’s simple tools to set the metric and time period you wish to display, and drag and drop your new widget to your preferred place on the dashboard. In addition to the core metrics, you can also compare the metric to a previous time period or filter it based on review channel.

Your Dashboard, Your Priorities

The reporting possibilities and permutations are endless, but here’s an example we think might be particularly helpful:

We often hear from hoteliers that they prioritize certain review channels over others and would like to monitor their results for these particular channels, rather than see results for all reviews on all channels. Previously you could access this data through Custom Reports, but now it’s available for quick consumption right in your Revinate dashboard. Simply pick your metric, like Review Rating or Number of Reviews, and filter it by channel by selecting only the review sites you would like to cover. Consider keeping the widget that covers all review channels on your dashboard as well to compare your scores on each, side-by-side.

There are many, many possibilities for how to display your data in the way that’s just right for you, so if you’re a Revinate customer, take some time to sit down and play around. Have fun!

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