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Webinar Tomorrow: How to Deliver the Perfect Guest Experience

Technology is advancing. Much of your hotel’s guest feedback is now online and public, and according to the 2013 TripBarometer report, 93% of travelers worldwide say this online feedback has an impact on their booking decisions. The travel world is evolving, and with it, the wants, needs, and expectations of today’s travelers are changing.

Guest feedback is an essential part of learning about your guests. When you ask for feedback, you get a chance to discover what your guests really like about your property and your staff, and what really made their visit stand out from another potential competitor that they may have been considering.  You can also discover their dislikes, which as a combined whole can be very valuable for making operations decisions at your property. And if you ask for feedback in the right way, you get to illustrate a true customer profile of your guests- what they are passionate about and what they truly value, so you can understand the type of guests that walk through your door. In addition, you have the ability to develop relationships and loyalty by responding to your guests and acting on their feedback.

Tools like sentiment analysis are an excellent way to determine the expectations of guests specific to your property. But, this information is only part of the story. To deliver the perfect guest experience, hoteliers need to get to know each individual guest on a deeper level. This means collecting better data on your guests. It’s not enough to have just demographics like age, gender, marital status, and location. Today’s guests expect personalized experiences.

Join us tomorrow at 10am PST for a free Webinar geared towards hoteliers. Marketing experts from Main Street Hub and Revinate will share industry trends and innovative yet simple solutions for driving revenue through guest engagement and the perfect guest experience. During the session we will cover how to:

  • Attract guests through a great online reputation
  • Pinpoint customer needs with precision
  • Target your messages to drive success and bookings
  • Deliver a highly customized experience on property
  • Identify and recover guests who are disappointed with efficiency and class