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Why Covid-19 isn’t stopping travelers

In our recent global survey to more than 10,000 people across 10 countries, we learned that 72.7 percent of recent travelers still plan to travel within the next year. That’s great news for hoteliers who have suffered great losses as a result of the pandemic and are ready to begin the recovery phase.

72.7 percent of recent travelers still plan to travel within the next year.

The stories behind the data are interesting to delve into, especially since all signs point to it being safer and easier to stay home. The truth is that we’re still dealing with the pandemic and, for many regions, there will be significant hoops to jump through to travel. 

In an article about summer travel predictions, Travel + Leisure reminds us of the reality, saying, “Coronavirus outbreaks continue to flare up around the world, international travel restrictions remain in place, and over half of the world’s airplanes are still grounded. Many families are also feeling a financial sting due to the economic downturn.”

Yet, people want to travel. As summer heats up it’s clear that people are eager to get out of their homes. According to a study conducted by OnePoll of two thousand American drivers, 62 percent admitted they need a break from their loved one(s) after being quarantined together for weeks on end. 

How many of you daydreamed about getting out of the house during shelter-in-place? I know I did. How many of you took the time to actually plan your next trip? Results found 44 percent used their time in quarantine to plan a trip. And, apparently, it was a great time to plan. 54 percent did so by taking advantage of the deals and discounts available due to COVID-19.

So what are Americans’ travel plans this summer?

  • 49 percent will visit family
  • 38 percent will travel to landmarks within my state/neighboring states 
  • 34 percent will visit friends
  • 34 percent will take a cross-country trip 
  • 33 percent will take a trip to a beach or vacation home 
  • 31 percent will take hiking or camping trip in nature

One statistic that I found particularly interesting is that during quarantine, more than half (56 percent) of people reconnected with friends or family members they hadn’t communicated with in a while. Of those, two-thirds (64 percent) plan to visit one of these friends or family members this summer.

The closure of many international borders just mean that most people will explore within their own countries. Globally, 70.1% of our survey respondents expect to first travel domestically. 21.0% expect to travel within their home state or province.

With COVID 19, 70.1% of our survey respondents expect to first travel domestically.

What does this mean for you and your recovery efforts? First, demand is returning. Start preparing today. We have created a guide that can help. Second, your first guests will be nationals. Focus your marketing communication this summer on guests who can drive to your property in less than a day. 

Looking for more traveler insights for our study? Visit https://www.covid19hotel.info/survey/.