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"We finally have encapsulated this wiley world of 2.0, and it's made my life easier, and made my number-hungry hotelier peers settle down with solid metrics that make sense. Revinate helps people understand a world they previously thought inaccessible. The leaders in hospitality service and social media all seem to have chosen Revinate, and I am sure the rest will follow."

Michael Hraba, Owner of Hraba Hosptality Consulting


Waterford Hotels and Inns, Inc. was founded in 1985 with a specific objective in mind. The goal was to provide management and consulting services from the hotel owner’s perspective, a unique concept in an industry frequently driven by the interests of the management company.

Michael Hraba is the owner of Hraba Hosptality Consulting, hired to help Waterford Hotels and Inns with their social media strategy. Following is the unedited article that Michael wrote for the December issue of Hotels Magazine based on his experience using Revinate for The Allison Inn and Spa in Oregon’s wine country.