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“It’s great that we are now measuring our team across all facets of the business, including reputation. Revinate has not only made it possible, but it has made it easy.”

Frank O’Hara, Corporate Project Manager and Analyst


At Revinate, we consistently hear that we help hotels, brands, and portfolios operationalize social media and reviews. We take pride in this news because it means that hotels are finally able to do something that was once very difficult: accurately measure the results of their efforts in social media and even, in many cases, tie bonuses to the results. A great example of a company that has operationalized social content is B.F. Saul Company Hospitality Group. The Hospitality Group operates a portfolio of 20 business class hotels, including 18 that are branded under franchise agreements with Intercontinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Hilton. The B. F. Saul organization fully owns the properties and employs a team of 1,100 enthusiastic hospitality professionals.

One of those professionals is Frank O’Hara, a Cornell graduate that recently moved from a marketing position with the company into an analytics role. In his marketing role, Frank became very familiar with Revinate since his company signed up the portfolio for Revinate service in 2011, and, as a result, became very focused on monitoring and managing their online reviews.