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“There are so many sales opportunities available today to hoteliers that think a bit differently and use the tools available to them. Revinate helps us find leads and understand who is traveling to our city. There is some real power there.”

Jennifer Kovacs, General Manager


Just a few years ago, Jennifer Kovacs, General Manager of Hampton Inn Savannah, wasn’t a big fan of TripAdvisor. She thought it was a site used by disgruntled guests to complain about hotel experiences. Today, Jennifer feels very differently about the reviews giant. She says, “TripAdvisor is an incredibly powerful tool and I have realized that if you actively manage your reviews, the time invested pays off.” A big part of Jennifer’s turnaround was working with Revinate, the online reputation management platform provided, by management, to hotels in Newport Hospitality’s portfolio.

A twenty-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Jennifer knows that staff at highway properties, such as the one that she manages, need to work just a little bit harder to excel at social media and forge a strong online reputation. As a result, Jennifer relies on Revinate’s daily alerts to ensure that she never misses a change in her online standing, whether it’s a new review, a new mention on social media, or a change in sentiment scores.