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“The fact that Revinate is so easy to use, and the fact that we all log-on every day, makes it so much easier for me to do my job and ensure a great guest experience.”

Tommy Beyer, General Manager


Tommy Beyer, the General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn Savannah Airport, has been with the property for two and a half years, but with Newport Hospitality for much longer. When Newport Hospitality introduced Revinate to the portfolio for online reputation management, he was more than willing to give up Maestro, which was the product Hilton had put in place for managing online reviews, saying, “Maestro felt antiquated and cumbersome. Revinate is so much easier to use, has so many more features, and is constantly releasing updates with new tools.”

Tommy has always been ahead of his time when it comes to managing online reputation. He was responding to reviews long before his competitors began responding and long before Hilton introduced its brand-wide best practices. He says, “It’s so important to respond to guests and show that you care about their experience. It also helps future guests see that we take feedback seriously, which provides comfort since they know they can expect great service and swift resolution should any issues crop on when they’re on property.”