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"Prior to Revinate, I was manually searching for our reviews and mentions across the Web using Google searches and TripAdvisor alerts. Now, I simply wait for my morning email from Revinate, which alerts me to any new reviews, comments, or photos and videos that tag the hotel."

Lauren Barry, Sales Manager


At the end of 2011, we did a deep dive into our data to see how our customers were performing across numerous metrics. We looked for standouts among our hotel clients, and to no one’s surprise we found many. One in particular is the Holiday Inn St Louis. This small, 119-room property was outperforming all other Revinate customers in terms of online review response rate as well as response time. I looked at the property’s usage report and found that the sales manager, Lauren Barry, was their most active user so I reached out to see if she would be interested in sharing her story.

Lauren works for Lodging Hospitality Management, a small management group located in the Midwest. Lauren credits a lot of her success to the fact that her employer is always willing to look into new technologies and provide the tools she needs to be successful.  One of her most critical tools is Revinate.