online review management

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“With Revinate, we can accurately measure the results of our initiatives based on qualitative data provided by our guests.”

Sarita Moore, Regional Director of Online Marketing, East Coast


In 1981, Bill Kimpton pioneered the boutique hotel concept in the United States. His dream was to provide weary travelers with a haven of comfort, service, security and style. His dream has become a reality. According to Market Metrix Hospitality Index™, Kimpton has the highest customer satisfaction scores (93%+) and emotional attachment scores (89%) of any hotel company operating in the United States.

Kathleen Reidenbach, the VP of Revenue Management & Distribution, has always been a firm believer in closely monitoring reviews. She says, “Logically, I knew there must be a correlation between positive reviews on online review sites and sales. With review sites becoming the go-to place for hotel information, it seemed obvious that good reviews would drive bookings and bad reviews would turn off travelers,” she added. But while all of the hotels were trying to keep up with the review sites and responding as needed to guest feedback, there was no systematic way to cover all the review sites or draw a correlation to sales.