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“Today’s traveler doesn’t want to take the time to fill out a little paper card at the front desk. We were using an antiquated approach that was causing us to lose out on valuable data about our guests’ experience. Las Suites needed an easy-to-use, interactive solution that engaged our guests.”

Marco Gonzalez, Revenue Manager


Las Suites is a 91-room hotel located in the heart of Polanco, an upscale neighborhood in Mexico City. The area is peppered with embassies, art galleries, and transnational corporations. Salomon Mizarhi, Hotel Director, explains, “This is a competitive market, composed of hotels from top global and national brands. We stand out by offering a unique apartment-style stay without compromising on customer service.”

But given the competitive nature of the market, the hotel staff knew that to get ahead they would have to do more than rely on excellent customer service. They needed to invest in their online reputation and to do so, they needed to partner with a company with proven technology solutions built specifically for the hospitality industry. They selected Revinate as their partner of choice given the company’s successful client base in Latin America and customer-focused culture.