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“There is no doubt that we’re in a better place today than we were when we started using Revinate. I can see this from our rankings on TripAdvisor and from speaking with staff, who now have a much tighter handle on what our guests think of us and where we need to improve. We wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Revinate.”

Valeriano Antonioni, CEO


When co-founders Jay Ashton and Marc Heyneker began validating whether there was a market for Revinate, they met with Valeriano Antonioni. At the time, Antonioni was leading a multimillion dollar hotel project in Arizona and immediately saw the value in Revinate. He is credited with being one of the first hoteliers in the world to believe in Revinate’s product and vision.

Later, when Antonioni moved to Italy to become CEO of the Lungarno Collection, he made sure to bring Revinate with him, securing another first for the hotelier – – first Revinate client in Italy. Founded by the stylish Ferragamo family, the traditionally Italian hotels of the Lungarno Collection are known for luxurious and contemporary design coupled with the finest service in the industry.