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“With Revinate, we have access to every review site so I’m confi dent in the numbers that I share and thankful for how easy it is to assemble the individual property reports.”

Samantha Rosen, Online Media Manager


Menin Hotels is a hospitality management and development company, with a reputation for maximizing assets and a portfolio of proven results in upscale lodging as well as lifestyle restaurants. Menin Hotels is comprised of an in house team representing the top echelon of each respective discipline within hotel operations and management.

Samantha Rosen was brought on to take Menin Hotels to the next level with social media and online guest relation management. Luckily Menin Hotels had invested in Revinate, providing her with all the tools needed to be successful. Excited about the opportunity to forge closer relationships with guests and improve the online presence of the hotels and restaurants, Samantha got to work.