online review management

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“I know just from how I use reviews to validate the quality of hotels that I book, that reading reviews is a common step in the booking decision. I wanted to make sure that our hotels were being presented in the positive light. I also wanted to make sure that new solutions were easy to use and drove time savings.”

Lizz Chambers, VP of Sales and Organizational Development


A couple of years ago, one of Newport Hospitality Group’s General Managers contacted Lizz Chambers, VP of Sales and Organizational Development, to tell her about an incredible demo that he had just seen of a new solution for online reputation management. Always on the lookout for new technology to improve efficiency and drive sales, Lizz pulled together a few general managers to join her on a follow-up call. Lizz was interested in an automated solution for online reputation management because she was noticing the growing importance of online hotel reviews.

Nick Ferris, Revinate’s East Coast Sales Manager, demoed Revinate to the Newport Hospitality team. Since many of the GM’s on the call were currently using a different online reputation solution, Lizz asked them what they thought. The group was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about Revinate, and everyone agreed that it was a far more elegant and feature- rich solution. Given its powerful feature-set and sleek UI, they worried that it would be outside their budget. When the proposal came in at an affordable price, Lizz became a staunch supporter of having the portfolio, mostly branded hotels in the East and South, adopt Revinate.