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“Knowing what guests are saying about our competitors and why guests are choosing to stay there is critical in a competitive market like Bangkok.”

Samir Wildemann, General Manager


From the day the Okura Prestige Bangkok opened in mid-2012, its General Manager, Samir Wildemann, focused on guest feedback. He says, “Opening a new hotel is much like bringing a symphony to life. Each department needs to learn its part and learn how to play as a whole before you get your standing ovation. With online reviews, today’s modern day comment cards, we were able to get instant feedback and make the operational changes that helped us improve and work better as a team.”

To ensure that the hotel doesn’t lose its focus on guest feedback, Wildemann relies on Revinate. He regularly monitors Revinate’s log-in statistics to make sure that people are using the system to understand what topics are trending in reviews and how the hotel is faring against its comp set. He adds, “Revinate is a really important tool for us to stay on top of our guest feedback and also see what’s happening at other hotels in our market.”