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"We were up and running in no time at all. It’s probably the easiest software service we use at the hotels and the staff loves it as a result.”

Laura Martinez, Quality Manager


PlayaSol Hotel Group is a leader in the Spanish tourism market. In Ibiza alone, the company operates more than 40 quality resorts and vacation rentals. Recently, PlayaSol Hotel Group announced that it would be making a large financial investment to renovate and modernize its properties.  At the same time, they decided to invest time and resources to manage their online reputation, recognizing the inherent value both will have on future sales and loyalty.

Prior to Revinate, general managers at each property were only looking at their reviews on TripAdvisor and weren’t aware of how many sites there were to capture guest feedback. In fact, a quick look at the portfolio’s data for the year shows that 60 percent of reviews come from sites other than TripAdvisor, including, HolidayCheck, and Atrapalo. Only looking at 40% of their reviews meant that executives were missing a lot of great feedback about what guests love and dislike about the properties. Today, using Revinate, they never miss a review, regardless of where it is posted. This new attention to the voice of the customer means that they have a better sense of what guests value at the properties and where they need to improve.