online review management

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“With online reviews influencing booking decisions, it’s great to be able to show prospective guests that we take feedback seriously. By responding to reviews and sharing feedback on our social media channels, we send the message that we monitor for feedback and truly care about the guest experience. With links to respond to reviews and share buttons that allow us to tweet links to reviews, Revinate makes it really easy.”

Analia Veccar, Social Media Manager


Solaris Hotels in Mexico is a group of four hotels with only one mission: to make guests happy. Pioneers in the “all inclusive” concept for more than 20 years, Solaris Hotels prides itself on knowing what guests want out of their vacations and creating unique and memorable holiday experiences. The hotels live by the motto, Service is our Passion.

Sticklers for exceptional service, staff at the hotels have been focused on online reviews as a measure of guest satisfaction for years. But until they signed up for Revinate service, they had no way to operationalize the feedback. Analia Veccar, Social Media Manager, says, “Revinate has helped us to create a formal program around our reviews. For example, the sentiment analysis feature allows us to quickly and easily analyze guest feedback from online reviews so we can understand what guests love about our properties and where there’s room to improve. We use this feedback to create action plans and bring the voice of the customer into our discussions around new services and amenities.”