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“Logging in to the Web-based site to take action can sometimes be cumbersome given the fact that my job often keeps me away from my desk. I like that I can, by using the Revinate mobile app, receive alerts, research and respond to travelers concerns on the app, from anywhere.”

Scott Youngblood, General Manager


The Hilton Minneapolis St. Paul Airport, Mall of America doesn’t shy away from embracing new technology. Located in a fast-paced, dynamic Minneapolis market, hotel General Manager, Scott Youngblood, uses mobile applications to quickly look after a number of his hotel’s needs. “I can change the temperature in the hotel ballroom by 3 degrees from a mobile app when the mother of the bride says it’s a little stuffy,” says Scott Youngblood. “I can review our STR Reports via a mobile app so we’re now able to have those meetings offsite, versus tied to a computer in a meeting room.”

When it comes to handling guest feedback on the go, Youngblood turns to Revinate’s mobile app. Scott receives a real-time alert any time a new review is posted about the property, allowing him to be constantly in the know, whether he’s on the floors working with his team or at his kid’s basketball game on the weekend. Youngblood acknowledges that while staying connected around the clock means that owners and managers never quite disengage, he wouldn’t have it any other way. He explains, “If I receive a review alert that includes a customer service concern, I have the ability to forward that to the appropriate manager right away,” he says. “This simple action doesn’t take me away from a basketball game for five minutes, it takes me away from a basketball game for 30 seconds, and can ensure that a small issue doesn’t become a major headache later on.”