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3 Ways Hotels Can Effectively Use Targeted Guest Marketing

Consumers today have grown to expect personalized experiences carefully curated to meet their needs as travelers. But, while better access to data and an increasing shift towards customer-centric thinking has enabled hoteliers to better understand their guests, most hotels are still behind in terms of being able to give guests what they really want.

The problem is that most hotels are looking at guests too generally, merging all guests into a single archetype when in reality there is an innumerable amount of defining characteristics that make up a customer’s persona. Forward-thinking marketers and hoteliers are finding ways to segment customers and build custom experiences around guests’ interests and preferences. This way, a business traveler meeting a client isn’t receiving the same activity recommendations as a family of four on vacation, and the rambunctious wedding party is getting a very different set of welcome emails than the weekend warrior in town for a marathon.

All guests are different, and in order to succeed in the increasingly customer-centric world, hotels need to customize experiences to meet a variety of needs. The first step for hotels to create better experiences on a more personal level, is through targeted guest marketing – an intelligent way to strategically group and predict the needs of customers. It’s a user story that can give insights to how the guests’ journey might take place.

As seen on Skift, this article details three ways hoteliers can customize service for different types of travelers.

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