One response to “WSJ Article Controversy”

  1. Great response! I agree completely. If a hotel, or any business offering product or service is using SM, in time and with through the interaction with users (whether they be clients or future clients), they are better able to inform us about what their capabilities are, and what we can expect. I am not understanding this fear of SM. Though it is true one will encounter that user try to get something free out of it…and /or that one user who will leave a complaint about the poor view. It has been my experience that most complaints come from an expectation that was misrepresented. If you promote yourself as having great views…you better have great views. The day of small, ineligible print are beyond us. We are now faced with full-transparency. Be upfront with your guests, let clear in what their expectations should be, don’t promote or represent yourself as something that you are not and your guests won’t be surprised and/or disappointed. And if it is an issue of customer service from any point or at any level during the experience, what better way then through FB to revisit and correct? I hope to read a more open-minded approach to SM next time the WSJ decides to dibble in something it obviously is not experienced enough on to write about

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