Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for May 2018 - EMEA - Revinate

Top Hotel Marketing Subject Lines for May 2018 – EMEA

Writing subject lines can be a brain teaser. That’s why your “professors” at Revinate University have been working diligently to find subject line inspiration for your next email marketing campaigns.

Every month we’ll be sharing the top-performing subject lines from our EMEA hotel customers, from the same month of the previous year. Take a look at last May’s top five subject lines:


monthly subject lines - EMEA infographic


1. Subject line: Be the first to book your Grown-Up Getaway this summer!

Open rate: 31%

Why we love it: Builds enthusiasm (and urgency) for the upcoming summer season.


2. Subject line: Book a last-minute Bank Holiday getaway

Open rate: 30%

Why we love it: Leverages the upcoming holiday weekend. Spontaneity at its finest.


3. Subject line: 50% launch discount

Open rate: 28%

Why we love it: Entices new guests with a compelling launch discount.


4. Subject line: Summer is near! Check out our promotions.

Open rate: 26%

Why we love it: Like subject line #1 above, builds enthusiasm for the upcoming season with relevant promotions.


5. Subject line: Chelsea in Bloom

Open rate: 25%

Why we love it: Paints a picture of their hotel in a beautiful setting, inspiring recipients to visit.


That’s it for May’s top hotel marketing subject lines from Revinate’s EMEA customer data. Stay tuned for next month as we reveal June’s best-performing subject lines. Go on and get writing!