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El 68 % de los viajeros mundiales tenían planes de viaje actuales o futuros que fueron afectados por la COVID-19 en marzo del año pasado. 

Sin lugar a dudas, 2020 fue un año muy difícil para los hoteleros de todo el mundo. No obstante, en medio de las dificultades, hubo algunos alicientes que hicieron que los hoteleros no perdieran el optimismo.

During the pandemic, guests’ values changed. They had more to think about when considering travel, including safety, cleanliness, and the status of the pandemic – in addition to government mandated restrictions.

Savvy hotels realized they needed to change guest-facing messaging to address these new considerations, while also screening online reviews to address ever-changing concerns.

"2020 was, without a doubt, the most challenging year that the hospitality industry has ever experienced. One needs only to look at the 53% decrease in online reviews to understand the severity of the travel slowdown in 2020."
Marc Heyneker

CEO de Revinate