COVID-19 Campaigns of the Week vol. 1 - Revinate

COVID-19 Campaigns of the Week vol. 1

Even during the toughest days, our customers are finding creative ways to connect with guests and make their days at home a little bit brighter. This week we shine the spotlight on the COVID-19 Campaigns on Zoku in Amsterdam, MacArthur Place in Sonoma, The Robey in Chicago, and Brittain Hotels and Resorts in Myrtle Beach.

1. Zoku knows we’re craving entertainment right now and delivers a great newsletter (their 60th edition!) with carefully curated content.

Subject line: Surviving and thriving in lockdown | Living Zoku 60
CTA: Multiple (newsletter)

COVID-19 Campaigns example Amsterdam hotel


2. MacArthur Place knows what our homes smell like when the whole family has been cooped up for weeks and offers a solution.

Subject line: Create a Resort-Like Sanctuary at Home
CTA: Shop Now

COVID-19 Campaigns US hotel example


3. The Robey created a GoFundMe relief campaign to support its staff and included some great rewards for participating. It’s a win-win-win.

Subject line: The Robey: Support Our Staff & Receive A Free Hotel Stay!
CTA: Donate Now

US email campaign example for hotel


4. Brittain Resorts & Hotels knows we’re all ready for someone else to cook tonight.

Subject line: Grab Your Dinner with Carside To Go!
CTA: See Full Menu & Place Your Order

US email campaign example for hotel


That’s a wrap for this week! Even though we’re in a tough bookings environment don’t forget to engage often with your guests, focusing on all of your amenities and ways you’re taking care of your staff.

For more insights like these, please visit our new coronavirus resource center. It is your centralized source of information and resources to help develop strategies to move forward in uncertain times. See you next week on COVID-19 Campaigns vol. 2!