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5 of Our Favorite Holiday Campaigns To Kick Off the Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. Your holiday campaign is an impactful way to increase your bookings and maximize revenue before the end of the year. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help.  We’ve chosen some of our favorite holiday campaigns from our Revinate clients, complete with the subject lines and open-rates to get those creative juices flowing:

1. The Landmark London, UK, 2019

Subject line: Season’s Greetings from The Landmark London

Segment: Guests who entered their 120th-anniversary competition and guests who are no longer part of their reward point club starting January 2020.

Open rate: 20.57%

The Landmark London used this opportunity to stay top-of-mind with their past guests by simply wishing them a wonderful holiday season.  The use of a nostalgic image and the warm copy delivers a true feeling of caring.  This simple message delivered an open rate of 20.57% and a 9.52% CTR.

2. White Oaks Conference Resort & Spa, Canada

Subject: 12 Days of Spa Week 2 Deals

Segment: Past guests from the spa, club, or hotel lists.

Open rate: 15%

We love the urgency behind this email.  With the Spa deals only available during that week, it invokes a fear of missing out (#FOMO.)  By targeting not only their spa guests, but their club and hotel guests, they were able to cast a much wider net. The result? A 15% open rate and a greater visibility to their Club and Hotel guests.

3. Town Hall Hotel & Apartment, UK, 2020

Subject: Farewell 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣!

A play on a message that was on everyone’s mind on December 31, 2020 – Farewell.  To make the message sweeter they included a 1-day only special rate to be used when government regulations permitted and was good for an entire year.  This sent a message of hope for future travel and gave their guests something to look forward to.

4.The Jupiter, USA, 2020

Subject: As a Thank You; Stay FREE on NYE

Segment: Past guests starting March 2020

Open rate: 14.8%

The Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon chose to thank those guests who stayed with them from March through December of 2020 with a free night on New Years Eve. This offer rewarded guests loyalty during a time when travel was low.  They also included messaging to “extend your stay”, as New Year’s Eve 2020 was on a Thursday, to drive traffic on a weekend that would normally be slow following the holidays.

5. Muckross Park Hotel & SPA, Ireland 2020

Subject: Our Christmas Gift to You

Segment: People who did not open the first Christmas email campaign

Open rate: 13.8%

Here’s an example of the power of resending an email campaign to non-openers, though in this case, Muckross Park Hotel & Spa sent an updated campaign and subject line to increase engagement. This email was the second part of their Christmas campaign and therefore was only sent to the people who did not open their first campaign. Along the same line, Muckross Park Hotel & SPA also chose to thank those guests that were loyal during a trying time.  This email segmented anyone who purchased a Black Friday voucher as well as their International guests, offering early access to their “secret sale”.  The additional suggestions of gifting e-vouchers, which could be downloaded immediately, drove those “last minute shoppers” revenue.

During the holidays your guests are being overwhelmed with email marketing and special offers for their holiday spend.  Build your campaigns easier and faster with Revinate Marketing, our unlimited templates will help you on your way.  Happy Holidays!

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