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How to Effectively Manage Email Marketing Across Your Hotel Group

One common myth many hotel groups have is thinking they can’t effectively and regularly communicate with guests due to the sheer volume of people in their database.

Well, we’re here to debunk that myth. With the right email service provider, there are plenty of ways to manage your group email marketing efforts. Take a look.

4 ways to effectively manage your group email marketing

1. Build cohesive branding across all marketing communications

67% of hoteliers believe maintaining their brand image is key to a successful marketing strategy, and they plan to invest in tools to do so in the coming year. It’s important that your branding stays consistent across all platforms so you can build awareness. Tools like Revinate Marketing can automate the same email to every property to ensure your branding never strays.

21c museum hotels brand email template

For example, 21c Museum Hotels sent the email above to encourage their email contacts to explore all their properties for an exclusive spring break offer.


2. Simplify email marketing efforts

deloitte consulting email marketing chart

Photo Source: Deloitte Consulting

Forget manually sending email campaigns from each property. The goal of Revinate Marketing is to make you more efficient so you work less for more direct bookings and revenue.

Our solution allows you to create custom guest segments and send personalized campaigns from a specific property or your entire group. The value of data in your PMS is magnified in hotel groups, so take advantage of it. Deloitte Consulting (above) found that guests want hotels to remember their needs, preferences, and past stays to improve their experience across all stages of the guest journey.

save and share email marketing templates with Revinate

You can also test and share top email templates with the entire group to re-use in future campaigns. Revinate Marketing recently introduced a brand new A/B testing feature so you can learn what your guests are most receptive to and duplicate it.


3. Keep track of your data

campaign performance reports

Our Campaign Performance Reports offer access to detailed data reports from every email campaign sent from every property, even at the group level. With the ability to benchmark across your portfolio, you can learn valuable information to improve future campaigns. This is especially useful if your properties are located in the same city or region.


4. Streamline operations

elite hotels email campaign

Group functionalities merge your operational systems to make managing your property easier. Revinate Marketing lets you automate weekly staff newsletters to easily inform your staff of the latest news at your hotel. In the example above, Elite Hotels UK sent this employee survey to their staff contact list to gather feedback.

You can also use group functionalities to streamline operations. Be part of the entire guest journey by sending pre-arrival, welcome, and post-stay emails, and automate these campaigns to be more efficient and ensure you never miss sending an email.


Revinate Marketing makes it easy for groups

Revinate Marketing makes it easy for hotel groups to conduct email marketing. If you’re not already using Revinate to increase direct bookings with smarter email marketing, please reach out to learn more. We’re always here to chat!