Most Popular Hospitality Posts of 2014 - Revinate

Most Popular Hospitality Posts of 2014

In 2014, tech loomed large with new advancements in payment and mobile room key tech. Hoteliers saw profits as a direct result of online reputation management. The rise of the Millennial traveler instigated the need for a change in how hoteliers approach hotel marketing and the guest experience.

In 2014, hoteliers put mobile technologies to use to augment their reputation management efforts and will continue this commitment in the new year. Marketers and reputation managers are discovering ways to better engage their guests by responding to online feedback and targeting their messaging to the specific needs of specific guests. Hotels responded in real-time to unexpected events through real-time social media responses.

Traffic to the Revinate blog can also offer evidence as to what the most important topics were for hoteliers this year. The following are the top ten most visited posts on the Revinate blog in 2014. Some of these posts are a couple of years old, indicating continued relevance over a period of time. Some are only a couple of months old, indicating fast-rising trends in hospitality. In any case, these are the posts hoteliers found most relevant and interesting in 2014.


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