Recovering Markets & the Future of Your Hotel CRM - Revinate

Recovering Markets & the Future of Your Hotel CRM

Join Revinate during ITB Berlin as we dive into changing trends, Covid recovery, and the future of Hospitality Technology.

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What You'll Learn

2020 Market Report

Learn about trends Revinate uncovered in this 2019 vs. 2020 lookback.

Making Informed Decisions in 2021

Excel in recovery with this strategic outlook on the coming year.

The Future of Your Hotel CRM

See how Revinate is changing the future in hospitality CRM.

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About the Hosts

Henk Adriaans

Managing Director, EMEA

Patrick Oldenburg

Director of Business Development

Jason Standiford

Director de Tecnología


Vice President of Product

"Great experience, easy to follow, organized presentation, relevant information and statistics."

- Donna

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Revinate & Hotelchamp have partnered to discuss how hotels can leverage automation to drive revenue while conquering staffing issues at the same time.

11:00 AM CET