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Outperforming Your Competitors By Using Data

Join Adrian Caruso, Nicole Wiener, and Dylan Cole as they discuss how to "Outperform and Grow Market Share Using Data."

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What You'll Learn

Drive Additional Revenue

Learn how to use valuable PMS data to drive additional revenue

Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to revamp your website and digital marketing strategy.

Effective Email Marketing

Learn how to use PMS data for effective email marketing

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About the Hosts

Adrian Caruso

Adrian Caruso is one of the hotel and travel industry’s leading digital and direct booking experts. Adrian has over 30 years experience in the travel industry having been through global events such as 9/11, SARS and other world events that have affected travel demand. He will share his insights into how his hoteliers can quickly rebound and get more direct bookings instantly.

Dylan Cole

Dylan Cole has been with Revinate for 8 years helping hoteliers with their guest feedback strategy and utilization of PMS data for effective marketing. Dylan recently moved from Revinate's San Francisco HQ to work closely with the amazing hoteliers in the APAC region.

Nicole Wiener

Nicole works directly with hoteliers in APAC to build richer, more personalised relationships with their guests. With access to best practices in guest feedback and email marketing she loves helping her customers better understand and engage their audiences, increase loyalty and revenue.

"Great experience, easy to follow, organized presentation, relevant information and statistics."

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