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You’ll learn how to make informed decisions about your tech choices by reviewing your hotel data and performance based on current market trends. You’ll feel empowered to develop a budget for your hotel technology that serves your guests and propels your profits.  

How to Make Hotel Tech a Core Part of Your Budget

Almost 52% of hotel executives plan to use AI and analytics to improve personalization. Technology is here to help you automate and enhance the guest experience.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has altered expectations for a hotel stay, so it’s up to you to meet those expectations. And you can only do that once you’ve gotten to know your guests! 

So, how does your hotel budgeting incorporate tech in the upcoming year? It’s time to start planning.

"Including technological enhancements into your budget is non-negotiable today. We'll show you how investing in the right tools, such as a text messaging, reservation sales platform, and shopping cart abandonment solution, improves the guest experience while driving revenue to ensure long-term success."
Raj Singh

CMO @ Revinate

More than


of hospitality executives say a fully contactless experience for basic transactions will be widely adopted in the coming years.