Mobile FAQ iPhone - Revinate
QHow do I refresh the Review List to see the latest reviews?
AWhen viewing the Review List, swipe your finger from top to bottom of the screen to refresh the reviews. Reviews will also be automatically refreshed when the app is first launched.
QHow do I know when a new Review arrives?
AYou can set up notifications to arrive whenever a new review posts. To do this, choose the view you want to receive notifications for and tap the bell icon in the top right hand corner of the screen to turn review notifications on and off. Make sure you allow Revinate to send push notifications.
QHow can I access other properties on my account?
ATap on the Account Selector icon located at the top of the menu and select from a list of the properties or groups you have access to.
QCan I search for a review?
AThere is a search field located at the very top of the review list screen. Swipe down to reveal the search field on screen.
QHow can I see more details for a review?
ATo view full review details, tap on the review from within the review list screen.
QHow can I filter the reviews?
AUnder the reviews menu, you will find the following filtered views: Saved, Positive, Negative, TripAdvisor and Not Responded to. To create more views, go to the web version, choose your filters and save as a new view. Once saved, the new view will appear on the mobile.
QWhat is the shortcut to access review actions?
AWhile in your review stream, swipe from right to left on a review and the 3 main actions populate: Respond, Add Ticket and Save.
QHow do I assign a ticket to a review?
AFrom the review detail screen, select the “Add Ticket” action. Complete the data required and tap “Add”.
QHow can I respond to a review?
AFrom the review detail screen, select the “Respond” action. This will redirect you to the review site’s management response page where you’ll be able to submit your response.
QHow can I use the Response Assistant?
AAfter selecting the “Respond” action, notice the slider at the bottom and swipe from left to right to reveal the Response Assistant. Locate the review, use a template or compose your response, submit your response and tap the green “Confirm” button located in the top right hand corner.
QHow do I save a review for follow up later?
AFrom the review detail screen, select the “Save” action to save or unsave a review.
QHow can I access my saved reviews?
AFrom the menu, tap on “Reviews” and locate your “Saved Reviews”. Any reviews saved to your “Saved Reviews” folder will sync with saved reviews on Revinate web and vice versa.
QHow do I post a review to Facebook or Twitter?
AFrom the review detail screen, select the Facebook or Twitter action.
QHow can I change the Social Media Search words?
AKeyword searches can only be changed on the web version. Once the changes are made, they will appear on the mobile.
QCan I translate the foreign languages reviews on mobile?
AThere is not a translate option on the mobile version, but you can log into the web version and use the translate button.

For more information, view our mobile user guide