Revinate API

Revinate technology partners can integrate hotel ratings and reviews into business applications, internal tools, websites, or other products.


Expand the audience for your reputation data. Use it in your internal applications, where other stakeholders may access the data and inform decision making.

Booking Engines and Channel Managers

Show review volume and rating by channel so your hotels know where their customers are most active, and which channels are the best fit for your guest experience.

Revenue Management Systems

View trends in property ratings over time. Factor in reputation when making pricing decisions for your hotel.

Property Management Systems

Join hotel ratings to in-house property level data such as average room rate or occupancy, seeing trends only discoverable from a merged data set.

Business Intelligence

Incorporate reputation and review data into your BI dashboard for executive consumption.

Case Study: WebHotelier

Revinate works with Webhotelier, a booking engine and channel manager for over 3,000 properties in Greece, Turkey, and Italy. With the API, Webhotelier features a snapshot of hotel reputation data for its customers within their management portal. As a result, Webhotelier customers can access at-a-glance reputation data across channels whenever they are logged into the Webhotelier dashboard.

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