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2014 Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report

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Industry benchmarks are an important tool for hotels to compare their performance to their competitors’ and to identify improvements that will have the most impact. With 23,000 hotel customers in 160 countries, Revinate has amassed a lot of data about online reviews. Using Revinate’s solution for Online Reputation Management, hotels and management companies are able to read, analyze and act on their reviews, as well as track performance against their competitors.

This report is designed to provide benchmarking guidelines for hoteliers so they can assess and improve their own performances.


Revinate performed a deep dive into its online review data and analyzed more than 20 million reviews from 80,000 properties in 125 countries. These reviews were published on more than 100 online review sites and OTAs between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.