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Creating a Social Media and Reputation Management Action Plan

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At the end of 2012, the hospitality industry saw the first empirical proof of a correlation between online reviews and revenue. A groundbreaking Cornell University study gave hoteliers the evidence they needed to dedicate time and resources to managing online reviews and social media. That consumer feedback is helping properties and brands increase revenue, market share, guest satisfaction and loyalty. But if your hotel or restaurant hasn’t yet created its social media and reputation management action plan -- and the standard operating procedures to support it -- make sure you spend 2014 understanding how to put the right programs in place and how to measure the impact of social media and online reviews on your property’s performance, bookings and guest satisfaction. Learn what metrics matter most to different departments and how to establish operational guidelines that guarantee success. In this guide we will help you create your social media and reputation management action plan and standard operating procedures that will ensure it is executed properly. We will share our frameworks for social media action and ensure you know all the rewards and pitfalls, based on our experience working with 23,000 hotels and restaurants across the world.