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How to Get More Reviews on TripAdvisor

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Today, online reputation is everything.

Many hoteliers already know that average review score is one of the determining factors in their properties’ rankings on sites like TripAdvisor. But, one of the questions we hear most often is, “Most of our reviews are 5-star reviews, but we’re not moving up on TripAdvisor. Why?”

If this is you, your problem may very well be the volume and frequency of reviews you receive. That is, you’re getting good reviews, but you’re not getting enough of them to beat your competition on TripAdvisor. Sometimes, quantity matters as much as quality.

This guide will go into detail on how the TripAdvisor Popularity Index works, and some ways you can get an average of 409% more reviews on TripAdvisor to see huge improvements in your ranking. We’ll also highlight a real hotel that has moved up almost 200 places on TripAdvisor by following our advice.