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Modern Techniques to Capture New Bookings


All customers – and especially travel customers – have been empowered by the Internet. Getting the best price, seeing authentic images of the hotel and getting advice on what to see and do on the trip is available 24/7 and just a few clicks away. With OTAs, review sites, travel forums and social media, your website is not the only story consumers see about your hotel.

That doesn’t mean marketing departments should give up. But to succeed, it starts with getting better at customer-centric marketing. The defining principle for hotel marketing: Present the content and stories that are most relevant to your target customer, in the appropriate context. The brands that offer personally relevant content generate more interest and conversions than their competitors, from empowered customers.

During this free, one-hour webinar, we will discuss what marketing leaders need to do to deliver great content experiences, including:

  • Content Strategy: Marketers are gathering and deploying more customer data and insights to develop content that key customer segments really want
  • Distribution Strategy: Marketers must build cross-channel strategies for promoting their content to their key audiences
  • Relationship Management: Content must serve the customer experience throughout the purchase journey, maximizing value to brand and each key audience