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Optimize Your Guest Experience


How hotel operations teams can leverage data to improve guest satisfaction and loyalty

Guest satisfaction has always been a critical part of hotel operations. But, travelers today have higher expectations than ever before. It’s no longer enough to merely respond to requests. According to a 2015 survey by JD Power and Associates, guests who believed that hotel employees anticipated their needs had a satisfaction rate of 912 vs. a rate of 602 among those who felt their needs were neglected.

In other words? To meet the expectations of the modern traveler, you have to know what your guests want before they ask for it.

Join Revinate’s experts for a free webinar on how hoteliers are leveraging data to improve guest satisfaction and loyalty. During the event, we’ll cover:

  • Why hotel operations need to evolve
  • What actionable data you can leverage right now
  • How you can use data to learn more about your guests and beat your competitors
  • How data-driven decisions can take your career to the next level