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Strategies to Build Better Guest Relationships


Loyalty is down, OTA bookings are up, and with the rise of new options like Airbnb, the hospitality marketplace is being flooded with consumer choice. As a result, the competition for hotel guests is fierce, and customer acquisition costs for hotels are higher than ever before.

Skift and Revinate explored these problems in the recent trends report, “The Changing Nature of Hotel-Guest Relations.” The report revealed key hospitality trends that lead to this conclusion: It is more important than ever to harness guest data to create a guest experience that stands out, and establish and maintain meaningful relationships with customers. With the right data collection and analytics strategy, hoteliers can truly know their guests, allowing them to identify and nurture guests at every point in the travel journey. The result? Increased loyalty, which leads to repeat business and direct bookings, which equals more revenue for your hotel.

In this free webinar, Revinate and Skift will present the key findings of the report. We’ll also be joined by Rebekah Hubbard, Engagement Manager at Provenance Hotels, to discuss trends and action items for hoteliers, such as:

• Why building a guest database is a must

• How to develop your own guest lifecycle management strategy

• Implementing a strategy for your property