Mastering Review Management - Revinate

Mastering Review Management

Join our global team in this deep dive into improving online reputation using data-driven techniques and best practices.

watch now Learn how to improve your rating and ranking using data-driven techniques and globally proven best practices.

What You'll Learn

Global Analysis

Use the reputation benchmark report to make informed decisions.

Best Practices

Review techniques in management responses that yield best results.

Technical Training

Learn how to use your available tools efficiently and effectively.

Watch the Recording

30 min


About the Hosts

Debbie Tay

Customer Success Manager - Asia Pacific

Tanna 't Hooft

Customer Success Manager - EMEA

Stella Dacy

Training Programs Manager - Global

Celia Ruiz de la Escalera

Training and Support Specialist - EMEA

"Great experience, easy to follow, organized presentation, relevant information and statistics."

- Donna