Benchmark data: Messaging categories breakdown

Revinate benchmark 2023 average text messaging opt-out rate

<1% average annual opt-out rate

Research shows that 85% of consumers check their text notifications within 5 minutes of receiving them, so you’re likely to reach many guests via this channel. And the first message you send should give guests the chance to opt out.

While you might be nervous that allowing guests to forgo text messages will hurt your chances of staying in touch, our results show that simply isn’t the case. In fact, the average annual opt-out rate for guests messaged through Ivy remained consistently below 1% in 2022.

And guests aren’t just receiving messages — they’re also sending texts of their own. Our data shows the top message intent category was “Other” for 2022. But there’s an important caveat: Some additional digging revealed this was primarily due to a specific type of category used by just a few hotels that doesn’t really apply to others.

Revinate benchmark 2023 Ivy top message intent categories

It’s more accurate to say that the top intent categories across all properties were those related to post-arrival details, pre-departure information, and pre-arrival specifics.

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