Voice-based lead capture and conversion solution

Drive direct bookings

Reservation Sales is a voice-based, lead management solution. Hoteliers bank on our solution to convert reservation inquiries into leads to generate more bookings and greater direct booking revenue.

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What they’re saying

Headshot of Josh Connaughy

“With Reservation Sales, we finally have access to critical data that allows us to accurately set goals, audit, and coach the team.”

– Josh Connaughy, Reservation Sales Manager, Paradise Point Resort & Spa

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“We realized that we were leaving a lot of money on the table by not driving ancillary revenue opportunities and additional nights.”

– Dean Blackburn, Director of Resort Experience Development

Visualization of Reservation Sales dashboards showing call engagement, recent activity and triggers
Reservation Sales solution

Capture and convert leads

Your voice channel can be a lead capture tool when your reservation agents have the right solution. With our Reservation Sales solution, hoteliers achieved up to 43% conversions for inbound calls. Generate more bookings and greater direct booking revenue by converting inquiries.

Reservation Sales solution

Empower your agents

Reservation sales agents and managers deliver better guest service, sell intelligently, and build a leads database. Our solution enables this through outbound selling triggers and reminders, smart agent routing and matching logic, and through coaching with recorded calls and score cards.

Compilation of dashboards that help reservation sales teams evaluate their performance and drive direct bookings.
Visualization of ResSales' dashboard showcasing lead management
Reservation Sales

Proprietary technology

Utilize our technology to outperform your competition by adopting a proactive sales approach, achieving brand and service level consistency to grow guest loyalty. Reservation Sales is scalable and a turnkey solution.

Reservation Sales

Campaign & performance tracking

Know exactly which marketing campaigns and packages are driving bookings and how much revenue they’ve driven. Monitor online and offline campaign ROI, and track demand from packages and promotions with dynamic website tracking and custom toll-free numbers.

Visualization of ResSales dashboard showing campaign and performance tracking

Every channel at your fingertips

Guests’ preferred communication channels can vary. Besides Revinate Reservation Sales, our voice channel solution, with Revinate, you can use every channel available — voice, text, and web.

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