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Revinate is the leading choice in the hospitality industry

“As far as customer service goes, we haven’t had a partner that’s been as receptive or responsive as Revinate. It’s all-around been just a really great process.”

- Niki Gross, General Manager, Whitney Peak Hotel

Ready for the modern traveler?

They’re more social, mobile, and have higher expectations than ever before. Goodbye one-size-fits-all experiences, hello personalized, just-for-me service. We help hotels know more about their guests so they can deliver personalized experiences that create valuable relationships and lifelong customers. 30,000 of the world’s leading hotels trust us to help them reinvent the guest experience.

Get closer to your customer

Easier said than done, until now. The Revinate Rich Guest Profile is enhanced with data and insights every time your guests interact with you. Combine guest data from multiple proprietary systems—or even multiple hotels in your group—to finally get a clear picture of your guests' needs, preferences, and interests.

Your data is your future profitability

When you know your guests, and have a unified view of guest data for your hotel or group, your marketing campaigns become more relevant and generate higher ROI. Revinate surfaces actionable insights that help you segment your audience with marketing solutions that can deliver targeted email campaigns for individual hotels or groups to drive higher engagement, new revenue channels, and more direct bookings.

Stand out from the crowd

When you fulfill your mission to exceed guest expectations, your guests become loyal customers and lifelong advocates. Revinate's solutions help you find ways to personalize the guest experience, deliver service that distinguishes you from your competition, and increase word of mouth while minimizing your technology management costs.

Get real results

New Revenue Streams

Access tools for highly targeted communications that drive direct bookings, upgrades, spa appointments, and more.

Deep 1:1 Guest Relationships

Communicate with guests in unprecedented ways. Deepen engagement by understanding guest preferences so they get messages they want to receive.

Increased Guest Satisfaction

Deliver world-class, personalized service across the entire guest experience.

Exceptional Guest Loyalty

No one knows better than you that exceptional service and guest satisfaction drive loyalty. Retain guests and encourage direct bookings.

Operational Efficiency

Access a powerful system for responding to guest feedback and requests, with analytics for tracking and escalation.

Integrated Guest Feedback

Dramatically increase review volume and rankings, driving more bookings.